Custom Projects

We like to work directly with our clients to create a specialized neon piece that fits their aesthetic and purpose.  Because neon is a hand craft it allows for the ability to customize the work in many ways, such as color and tube diameter, as well as options for mounting and installation, materials and other components. In addition to bending and illuminating the neon itself, we do some glasswork and metalwork primarily to create the structural elements for the neon that we produce. We will bring your idea to light. If you have a project that needs specialized fabrication beyond our shop capabilities, we have a variety of local professional tradespeople with whom we work to create unique projects with an impeccable level of craft.

To help us put together a quote, send us your ideas.
Here are some things you might include in your inquiry:


Would you like your neon to be displayed indoors or outdoors? Outdoor illuminated signs require permitting.

As far as making a custom sign, we have a few options:

(1) Client provides us with their own design–providing us with a vector file (AI preferred) or a high resolution image file (PSD, JPG, PNG 300 dpi, around 4 MB)

(2) We design the sign –providing a few proofs for the client’s approval/feedback and alter as desired

(3) The third option is more collaborative: The client provides us with a rough sketch or design ideas/fonts or even other images of neon signs and we create a design based on this.

Options 2 & 3: Our rate for designing is $50/hr.

Other things to consider:
Color(s) – Decide what color(s) you would like; I’ve attached some of the available colors in a PDF (other color options are available by request)
Dimensions – a general idea in inches or feet of how big or small you would like the sign (we may alter this based on what we advise works best with neon)
Animation/Brightness – Would you like the sign to animate (flashing effect or parts alternating off and on) or have a dimmable option?
Font – If there is text in your neon piece, do you have font preferences i.e. a specific font in mind or in general a fancy script or simple block text (e.g. sans serif)
Let’s start there and once we get clear idea of what you’re looking for, we can discuss mounting, other material options and estimate cost for you.

Service & Repair

We also service and repair existing neon signage or art pieces, including restoration of vintage signs.  We are a licensed and bonded Electrical Sign Contractor and Cedar is a certified Journeyman Sign Electrician and Electrical Administrator through the Department of Labor and Industries. Cedar has repaired signs around New York and Seattle from small beer signs to the Tully’s Big T, Easy Street Records, Caffe Vita, The Showbox Theater Marquis, Georgetown Inn, Sucker Punch, and signage at The Pike Place Market in addition to fine art pieces such as Bruce Nauman’s, “Violins Violence Silence,” 1981-1982.

Our rates:
$40/hr Drive time
$80/hr On-site repairs
$60/hr In-shop repairs

*Additional cost for service that requires scissor lift or bucket truck.

Give us a call or send us an email at if you have neon that needs to be repaired. If you want to get a clearer sense of what the cost of the repair may be, send us a few photos.


We also offer neon classes. Sections will cover the process of bending, cutting, welding and illuminating the neon tubes. You will also learn how to pump and bombard (to purify) the glass tubes in order to fill them with the noble gas.  The student will also gain an understanding of the history and science of the illuminated gaseous tube. Stay tuned for class schedule…

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