Lovecitylove: Seattle’s Cultural Nexus

We have a crush on LoveCityLove–the site of a rotating gallery space, pop-up shops, Closed Circuit and weekly interactive group “open mic” music improve nights full of local talent from dancers, vocalists, poets and musicians. As their second incarnation in their current location is slated for development, we are eager to see where they will pop up next.

We are happy to share a neon piece we made for them in LCL’s founder, Lucien Pellegrin’s handwriting. Here are some images of the making and installation amid a photography exhibit titled Untitled Woman.



The landscape of Seattle’s fashion & art scene is changing. New work, individuals, and partners are emerging daily with desire to create for the sake of expression and exploration. In the wake of homogenized “industry” driven photography that employs sexism, lookism and abuse culture, women & their supporters are at the heart of this new shift in the photographic arts. It’s time we recognize the female photographers who are creating new realities with their images and providing invaluable perspective and insight into the future. The opening will feature installation and environment design by Lena Whittle –


Eleanor Petry –

Megumi Arai –

Elizabeth Rudge –

Josie Simonet –

Fiona Pepe –

Lauren Max –

Colette-Yasi Naraghi –

Amanda Ringstad –

Carmen Daneshmandi –

Jessica Carter –

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