The Henry Art Gallery Re-imagines Aurora

A few of our neon pieces will function as working artifacts on display at the Henry Art Gallery for an interactive exhibit that re-imagines the notorious and nostalgic Aurora Avenue. By the end of this project, a multi-dimensional proposal for Aurora will be unveiled.  See below for the official description.

Design Lab: An Open Sketchbook on Aurora Avenue

A product of the golden era of automobiles that continues to function as a crucial component of Seattle’s urban fabric, Aurora Avenue operates on multiple scales and within multiple jurisdictions. This thoroughfare travels through many neighborhoods and raises questions of physical and cultural accessibility that are both complex and scaleable, and provides an opportunity to reimagine a vital yet vestigial urban space. From December 21 through March 22, the Henry’s Test Site will open up to the public as a collaborative design lab that will use Aurora Avenue as a point of departure for conversations around issues of history, culture, urban development, economics, transportation, and civic infrastructure.
Interdisciplinary groups will re-imagine Aurora Avenue, proposing alternate visions and solutions on topics ranging from politics and crime prevention to art and natural systems. Throughout the course of this presentation various experts and design professionals will host open public charrettes, or design intensives, to address specific themes.
The content and ideas produced during these weekly events will illustrate the depth and possibility of cross-disciplinary design in a manner that is accessible and fosters dialogue. These design intensives take place every Thursday during the run of the project from 4:30 to 7:30 pm. All sessions are free and open to the public.

Charrette schedule

Jan 16 History

Jan 23 Transportation
Jan 30 Development
Feb 6 Users
Feb 13 Identity
Feb 20 Crossings
Feb 27 Natural Systems
Mar 6 Politics
Mar 13 Design Review

Test Site projects are made possible by the generosity of the Henry’s Sustaining, Contemporaries, and Patron members.

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