“R” Returns to the Old Rainier Brewery

Last night, Seattleites gathered to witness and celebrate the “R” being installed by Western Neon atop the Old Rainier Brewery.

A lot of out-of-towners were puzzled at the hullabaloo over the “R” installation, but if you lived in Seattle before the year 2000, the “R” was an essential element to her skyline.  We remember this iconic light and letter from when we were kids as much as we remember the Space Needle. Many of us toured the Brewery before it was converted to live/work lofts.

The “R” restored is not only the return of an icon, but it represents a new incarnation of what the Old Rainier Brewery currently houses. People are often confused about what is brewing here. Beyond its history of producing a local beer, it is now home to a collective of artists and small businesses that continue the legacy of fostering an economy and a culture that offers a diverse array of handcrafted local goods, services and experiences that enhance the richness of Seattle. From the fine jewelers at Sholdt, Novustone repurposing post-consumer recycled content for beautiful sustainable surfaces and countertops, Rainier Glass Studio offering glassware and classes, Little Red Day Spa, the delicious Bartholomew Winery, Tease Chocolates, and Emerald City Brewery, Tin Can Studio offering bellydance, yoga, aerial and pole classes, Capoiera Males Brazilian martial arts, music and dance, Ampersand Sound Solutions maker of fine amps, Groove Universe music rehearsal studios, Savy Jane Studios one of a kind paintings, our boutique neon shop, Noble Neon, designers, musicians, acrobats, photographers and many others are proud to call this home.

All photos taken by Lia Hall of Noble Neon©

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