Because it’s there

Here’s a follow-up from our last blog post. These images are from Jordan Spade and Samuel Wildman’s show, A Corpse Will Travel Express at CMD+Print. You can see the neon we made for Jordan: “Because it’s there”.  The lettering is in his own handwriting and it’s intended to look like rope. If you look close, you will even see that the black wires (GTO) used to energize the sign are styled to look like rope.  We like when artists expose these elements of neon as part of the work.

At the opening there weren’t only drinks, live music, and a fog machine, but there were also screenprinted t-shirts galore. The t-shirt “production team is made up of homeless and street involved youth enrolled in pre-employment training internships…designed to teach youth specific vocational skills related to the silkscreen trade.” It’s a pretty cool place. Check out them out:


Neon through the window and a reflection.

IMG_1170 IMG_1169 IMG_1171 IMG_1174

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