Look! See?: The Colors and Letters of Jen Elek and Jeremy Bert

We attended an opening for the “Look! See?” show by artists Jeremy Bert, one of Cedar’s neon mentors, and Jen Elek, a master glass artist.

The prevailing theme of the show was to reflect the observer, inviting one to truly see what they are looking at. Art in each moment is dynamic, with dimensions of space, texture and time. Art becomes art when we see it. Along with the bold animated Look! See? piece that the show was named after, there was a piece that captured the “ever-changing present”. It was the word “now” made of channel letters and the outline of the word is probably still at this moment constantly changing color.

To a passerby, all of the pieces might seem to be from one maker as Elek’s and Bert’s work complement each other in their bright and rich color palettes their lively insistence on vying for the viewer’s attention. Elek’s work is alluring in her use of repetition, variation, shape and luster. Some panels of blown cylindrical pieces of opaquely colored glass were uniformly mounted, with perhaps one or two of the cylinders deviating from the typical shape. Another installation integrated well with the gallery itself. Upon entering the gallery, several glass bulbs ranging from a few inches to over a foot in diameter, engulfed two walls as though the glass had propagated itself.

One of the most fun and engaging elements of this show were the battery-powered LED channel letters that guests could wear. Several folks constructed their own subliminal messages on the wall and floor or just wore a letter or punctuation of choice around their neck. I hope to see more interactive art shows like this in Seattle.

You can find out more about Elek and Bert here: http://www.jbjeartists.com/

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